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Structural calculation failure likely cause of Puerto Morelos building collapse

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A structural calculation failure is being blamed for the fatal accident that occurred earlier this week when a building under construction collapsed on workers.

The report comes from Guillermo Morales López, director of Civil Protection in Puerto Morelos, after the collapse of a construction project in Puerto Morelos left two dead and 14 injured.

Morales López dismissed media claims that bodies were left trapped under the rubble, saying that the building was checked and masons accounted for.

“We made three trips and, fortunately, none of the dogs marked areas for people dead or alive,” so they subsequently handed the accident scene over to the ministerial police, he explained.

Morales López said that there were 39 construction workers and four men mixing concrete on the site when the accident occurred. He said that at the moment, they only have an initial observation and that the accident is still subject to an expert investigation, but is seems that a structural calculation caused the collapse.

“Everything indicates that the collapse was that of the metal trabe (beam floor support). It is evident that it was caused by weight, but we will wait for the specialized technical opinion because originally we had the idea of an accumulation of concrete in a single point caused the collapse, but when reviewing the area, we found no evidence of that,” he added.

Morales Lopez explained that the accident occurred at the time concrete was being poured, noting that many of the workers had cement on their bodies, so they were rushing to do the rescue work as the concrete was hardening.

“We are also in the process of having the Urban Development Department locate the director responsible for the work, who is the one who should have the technical follow-up of this construction process,” he added.

On Tuesday, a project under construction along the federal highway in Puerto Morelos collapsed, killing two and sending 14 to hospital.