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State says previous Borge city officials next on list

Cancun, Q.R. — As the audits against former governor Roberto Borge wrap up, the state says they are ready to proceed against previous city officials.

The head of the Secretariat of the State Comptroller, Rafael del Pozo Dergal, says that to date, 50 complaints have been filed against ex-state governor, Roberto Borge with another 14 waiting. All of which, he explained, are expected to proceed with criminal charges.

He also explained that now, with the help of the Attorney General’s Office, the state is set to evaluate the total damages left by the outgoing administration, which includes evaluating 83 officials from six departments.

Del Pozo Dergal reports that there is between 13 and 14 billion peso of patrimonial damage to the state by the previous administration, which is why they will now turn their focus on those involved. Although some arrests have already been made against ex-Borge public servants, there are other processes to be initiated.

He said that officials from the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport, CAPA Water and Sewerage Commission, Institute of Real Estate Patrimony of the Public Administration of Quintana Roo, Secretariat of Finance and Planning, the ex-holder of the Executive and the Secretariat of Agricultural, Rural and Fishing Development are being investigated.

In the recovery of properties he said that “It is something fundamental because if it does not end in recovery of the patrimony, it would be an unfinished effort.

“There is no way to completely repair the damage to the state. That damage is unquantifiable,” he added.