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State repossess Cancun Hotel Zone lots illegally bought during Borge administration

Cancun, Q.R. — The state of Quintana Roo has begun the recovery of its assets with the repossession of three lots that government officials say were illegally bought during the Borge administration.

The three lots were repossessed Friday in the Cancun Hotel Zone as more than 20 armed state police agents guarded the properties. Eduardo Ortiz Jasso, head of the Agency for Strategic Projects of the state of Quintana Roo says there are at least 25 properties throughout the state that were illegally obtained by the previous administration.

He says the state continues to work on the cases to recover its assets.

“We are starting the recovery of the state’s assets, this is what we started Friday. At this time we have the assurance of three properties,” he explained.

“There are more. Those that we have in the first stage, we are talking about 25 properties in different areas of the state. With this we are initiating the process. We cannot give more information because we do not want to hinder the processes.

“We have knowledged more than 25 lots. Of these three, the value is estimated at $4,000 USD per square meter,” explained Eduardo Ortiz Jasso.

He said that the trials have already been concluded with the first three lots, adding that they are waiting for the judgments on the remaining properties so they can repossess the land.

But the recovery of these lots, he said, is only the beginning of a long process of recovery, after the abuses committed in the past administration in which a large part of the state patrimony was lost.

The lands were reportedly irregularly sold during the administrations of Félix González Canto and Roberto Borge Angulo. The land was acquired at a fraction of its real value by the owner of Corpogas, Ricardo Vega Serrador, through the company Caveri Servicios Inmobiliarios.

It was one of the 23 properties immobilized in the Public Registry of Property by the Attorney General of the Republic for more than a year as part of the investigation against Borge Angulo.

Through a statement, the State Government reported that the Agency for Strategic Projects promoted three civil lawsuits to recover the three properties.

“Today we have made progress in doing justice for the Quintana Roo by obtaining possession of the properties,” explained Carlos Joaquín.