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State officials decide to tackle sargasso issue for 2019 on international level

Cancun, Q.R. — State officials say an international meeting is in the works to adopt a successful sargasso solution by applying strategies used in other countries.

Luis Alegre Salazar, federal deputy for Quintana Roo, said that the international meeting was proposed by congress because to date, of all the actions taken so far have not worked and have cost the public treasury at least 300 million peso.

“The intention of the international meeting is to create a cooperation of solutions that have worked in other countries because the sargasso here is not the same as what they have in Guyana or Costa Rica, so we have to study with those who managed the sargasso in other countries to see what they did to control the problem,” he said.

Luis Alegre Salazar

He says that he regrets that to date, solutions proposed and implemented for the control of the sargasso used by the state government has not been successful despite the amount of resources injected into controlling its arrival along the coast.

He says this year, the Ministry of Environment spent 240 million of state money to try and contain the sargasso with another 82 million peso being sought from the National Fund for Disasters, all without success.

Luis Alegre made the international meeting announcement that if approved, will be used to contain the sargasso in 2019. He says despite brainstorming, it may be possible to take the issue to another level, not ruling out financial cooperation between two or more countries be proposed.

“That is a possibility. Under the theory that the sargasso we receive comes from Brazil and that they generate it but do not suffer from it, we can look for a solution that implies the application of experiences that involves an international cooperation to reduce sargasso to natural quantities,” he said.

He added that although there is no set date for this type of international meeting, he expects it would take place in Cancun in December or January between the 19 countries that suffer from the seasonal sargasso issue.