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State of Quintana Roo remains red, restrictions remain in place

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Q.R. — During the week of June 1 to 7, only workers in essential activities will be allowed to join their workplaces solely and exclusively to organize and train, however, beginning June 8, there will be a gradual opening in each region, depending on the the state traffic light.

The explanation came from state governor Carlos Joaquin who is reminding people that restrictions remain in place and that only approved essential industries are allowed to return to work at a reduced capacity.

The municipality of Solidaridad also reminds citizens that health filters at the entrances to Playa del Carmen remain in place, even though mobility is allowed. The Ministry of Public Security says “to maintain safety and health prevention during the new normal, the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Solidaridad will continue with the health filters at the three entrances to the city.”

“It should be noted that the main purpose of these filters is to verify the health status of people, know their origin and destination and continue with the prevention and implementation of hygiene measures and healthy distance to prevent Covid-19 infections,” reported the corporation.

The news comes on the same day as the undersecretary of health says infections in Cancun have lasted longer than expected. During his recent press conference, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell stated that the number of infections in Cancun has lasted longer than expected, adding that the number of infections are stable. He says that for this reason, Cancun is not ready for further opening yet.

Cancun infections lasting longer than expected, says sub-secretary of health

“In Cancun the contagion curve has been prolonged beyond what was expected, but at least it maintains a tendency to stabilize cases. Fortunately, hospitalizations have been kept in good control and the most serious cases of infection have not exceeded the provision of beds and intensive care. Therefore it is necessary to maintain mobility restrictions for a longer time to see if the number of infections is decreasing and allows a greater reopening,” he explained.

“The mobility restrictions have not stopped with the end of National Sanitary Distance, which is simply no longer national, but the state health authorities decide when to open according to the recommendations,” he said.

López Gatell reported that Quintana Roo is several days away from security according to the Covid-19 epidemic curve. He says Quintana Roo is in good control, but still needs work. “We have a decreasing trend in Quintana Roo, but the point is yet to come that will be the safest area with very few cases.”

The first week of June will see the gradual return of some workers to hotels and shops in the Cancun Hotel Zone. These workers are not there to open the hotels, but to prepare them for a gradual opening. Tourists are still prohibited from entering the Cancun Hotel Zone, even though restaurants, bars, commercial premises and hotels reopened their doors. The opening is only to readjust their protocols toward the new normal and to train staff, which in large numbers began to come and go from the Hotel Zone.

Both entrances to the hotel zone remain under police guard who ensure that people wear face masks and justify their entry to Kukulcán Boulevard. The entire state of Quintana Roo remains red, which indicates all restrictions remain in place.