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State military personnel head north to battle drug war

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 300 members of state military personnel have been shipped out to the north of Mexico to help battle drug trafficking and organized crime.

A contingent of 370 members of the 34th Military Zone of Quintana Roo traveled to the state of Tamaulipas Wednesday to support the operations that the Ministry of National Defense are carrying out.

The command confirmed that on Wednesday, they had 370 personnel aboard three Boeing 727 aircraft of the Mexican Air Force. The men and women left from the Chetumal airport, in the capital of Quintana Roo. This personnel corresponds to the seventh Motorized Cavalry Regiment of the 34 Military Zone.

Friends and relatives among tears and smiles, were at the airport as the state’s military personnel said their farewells.

Military commanders confirmed that these are strategies that are carried out periodically to aid in military plans to combat insecurity in the northern part of the country. All 370 were sent to Tamaulipas to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.