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State governor says justice will come for Tulum hotel owners

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor Carlos Joaquin says there will be justice for the Tulum property owners in regard to the three properties that are set for mandatory eviction this week.

“It is a legal issue that will have to continue litigating, keep it working. We are going to look for justice and be the one that wins and the one that offers that possibility to those who are the true owners of these lands,” he said.

The hotels of Viento del Mar, Cabañas Puerta del Cielo and Rosa del Viento, which were restored to their legal owners weeks ago, are again in the sights of the judicial authority and are set to be seized.

The fourth district judge in civil and labor matters in the state of Nuevo Leon has asked the judicial authority in Playa del Carmen to hand over the material possession of these three hotels to the part plaintiff, exhorting and authorizing the use of public force and breaking locks if necessary.

Although the judicial document grants a period of 30 days from October 25, Nancy Chalé Chan, judge of the First Instance of Cancun, has already ordered the Ministerial Police to reposess the properties November 9 at 9:00 in the morning.

The hotels are to be handed over to the Real Estate Group Nuevo Rey SA de CV, after allegedly winning a mercantile trial in the state of Nuevo León.