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State finds more than 100 hotel chains not paying tax

Cancun, Q.R. — The Secretariat of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan) of Quintana Roo reported that at least 100 companies, mainly from Spain and the United States, do not declare the Lodging Tax (ISH) through reservations being made abroad.

Rodrigo Díaz Robledo, director of Fiscal Audit of Sefiplan, said that the state agency detected that reservations made by hotel chains abroad are not declaring the corresponding tax.

“We have detected that reservations made from abroad are made in accounts abroad and the corresponding declaration is not made in the state,” he said.

And he added “We have identified the companies. We have detected more than 100 chains. The countries where the largest number of tourism comes from, Spain and the United States, as well as Russia and Japan, are not exempt. ”

He said that they are working to detect the schemes used by companies, as well as to determine the amount of money that is not reported by the ISH and the frequency with which it occurs.

Rodrigo Díaz Robledo explained that they have coordinated efforts with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and with international authorities to regulate the matter.

“It’s uphill, it’s difficult, but we’re working on it. We seek to regularize it to make the corresponding collection, “he said.

He noted that progress has been made in joint efforts with SAT and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) through mechanisms to prevent erosion of the tax at the international level.