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State emergency hotline staff upgrade training

Cancun, Q.R. – The Subcentro Control Center (C4) in Cancun is the local emergency hotline and is a service that is seeing continual improvements.

As a general rule, there is no unified system for emergency numbers in Mexico.

In many states of Mexico three common emergency numbers are used, however, other emergency numbers may be used in different states. Generally speaking, dialing 066 from any state in Mexico puts the caller in contact with local emergency services.

Improvements are being made to the emergency command center starting with better training for administrative and operational staff, says Juan Manuel Alamilla Moen, hotline coordinator. He says one of the most important improvements being made is training emergency staff on how to provide quality service in a timely manner.

He also stressed the importance of keeping the staff of the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo up-to-date, especially with skills on how to contain registered calls, use maps, respond and actively work with the hotline operating staff. In general, he stressed the importance of teamwork.

Training is being provided, not only on an operational or technical scale, but also on an emotional level. Operating personnel will be monitored while working in coordination with the System for Integral Family Development, as they learn the psychology of the system and how to deal with the emotional aspect of being an operator.

Alamilla Moen said that the administrative and operational staff are trained to provide first aid and, if necessary, perform CPR as well as timely decision-making during disasters such as hurricanes, fires or bomb threats.

Residents of Quintana Roo have access to the emergency C4 center (Coordination Control Center, Command, Computer and Communication) via a quality management system of special emergency numbers. For care center services, 066 is reserved for emergencies, while dialing 089 is reserved for the Anonymous State Complaint System.

In general, Police (Policía) 066, Fire (Bomberos) 068 and Ambulance/ Red Cross (Ambulancia/Cruz Roja) 065, however, a full list of state specific emergency numbers for Quintana Roo can be found here on the Government of Qunitana Roo website.

To learn more about the C4 system, visit Emergencias Quintana Roo.


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