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State councils condemn assassination of city official

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — State Governor Carlos Joaquín González says those responsible for the murder of a city official last week are enemies of society, vowing to continue the fight against criminals.

Joaquín González expressed his sorrow in the death of José Enrique González Rosas, Director of Inspection and Collection of Solidaridad City Council.

“We work to bring order, achieve peace and security, which provokes reactions from criminals,” said the Governor on his personal social media account.

“Those who committed this crime are enemies of society, so we are going to fight them. The Attorney General’s Office is committed to finding those responsible for such a regrettable act and punishing whoever committed this crime,” he warned.

González Rosas was shot three times Friday night while walking to his car from his office. He died shortly after, at 9:40 p.m. at the General Hospital in Playa del Carmen.

The State Attorney’s Office opened an investigation for the crime of murder of José Enrique González Rosa, who was appointed as director of Supervision and Collection of Solidarity earlier in April.