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Starbucks at Cancun airport says they’re not small cockroaches

Cancun, Q.R. — A Starbucks located in the Cancun International Airport says that a video circulating of insects on one of their baguette sandwiches are not small cockroaches.

A video uploaded by a Starbucks patron two days ago has generated a response from the American coffeehouse company who says that the insects seen on the sandwich are actually fruit mosquitoes.

The baguette in the video is one of wholemeal and sesame seeds called Ficelle de tuna. In the video, the man who recorded the sandwich says, “I witnessed this at the Cancun Airport, terminal 4, at the Starbucks that is in front of door 54.”

Since the circulation of the video, Starbucks has replied with a statement saying, “The health of our customers and partners is a priority for Starbucks. All our stores in Mexico follow a strict hygiene protocol for the preparation of our beverages, as well as the handling of food and supplies such as water and ice. 100% of our food suppliers are Mexican and, likewise, follow certified hygiene and quality processes.

Regarding a video circulating on social networks in which some insects can be seen in the display case of one of our stores at the Cancun airport, we want to point out that these are fruit mosquitoes, which are attracted by the smell of the food, the above added to that, in this season in the southeast region, its presence increases. Therefore, we want to emphasize that we are already controlling the situation and that no product that is in the showcase is sold to any customer under any circumstance since the product is assembled only as an exhibition.

At Starbucks, all foods are kept in an individual package and are opened until heated and delivered to the customer, so we want all our customers to be sure that our products are totally safe and innocuous.

Starbucks Mexico adheres to the Official Mexican NORM (NOM-251-SSA1-2009) of the Ministry of Health, which regulates hygiene practices for the process of food and beverages. To comply with all sanitary and hygiene standards in relation to insects, in all our stores we have an authorized pest control provider with a valid health license, who is responsible for fumigating monthly.

Additionally, our stores have quality audits in which the place is free of pests and if any are detected, protocols are implemented to follow up immediately to maintain the safety and preserve the health of all our customers.”

Others who shared the video have tagged authorities such as Profeco to inspect the establishment where the tiny cockroaches were allegedly seen.