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Speed, slick roads cause passenger bus, cars to collide

José María Morelos, Q.R. — An accident between a passenger bus and private cars resulted in the overturning of the bus.

The accident occurred at 2:00 p.m. at kilometer 152 of the Poliuc-José María Morelos stretch southwest of Tulum. A woman driving a black Honda Civic lost control of her vehicle, invading the lane of the oncoming Mayab bus.

In an attempt to avoid the car, the bus, which was carrying 14 passengers, ended up overturned in a ditch. A second vehicle, a black Chevy Spark, also ended up overturned in a ditch in an attempt to avoid the invading car.

Reports indicate speed, poor weather conditions and slick roads were responsible for the accident.

Federal police arrived and requested assistance from the Jose Maria Morelos fire department to free the passengers inside the bus. All 14 passengers required assistance by rescue officials to exit the overturned bus.

All passengers reported only minor injuries of abrasions and contusions. Authorities continue to investigate the exact cause of the accident.