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Spectacular weekend sees 10,000 hit the beaches

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Civil Protection workers say Playa del Carmen beaches were extremely busy over the weekend with an influx of around 10,000 over the two days.

Lifeguards along the 8 kilometers of beaches were kept busy during the weekend as, they say about 5,000 people each day arrived. Despite the large crowds, there were no emgerencies.

Locals and visitors alike enjoyed the hot days by heading to the sea. While some relaxed and sunbathed, others enjoyed sports of vollyball and soccer.

Nautical activities returned to normal with calm winds that saw many participate in recreation water activies such as jet skiing and boating.

The Department of Meterology for Playa del Carmen showed Saturday and Sunday as sustaining temperatures of 29 C, however, with the high humidity, mid-day temperatures were closer to 32C.

The weather trend of high temperatures and humidy is expected to continue throughout the week.

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