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Spain produces world’s first blue wine

A Spanish company has shaken the traditional wine industry with a new blue wine, Gïk Blue. The innovative concept wine is a combination of red and white grapes with organic pigments and flavors that produce a sweet, electric blue wine.

While some are raising their eyebrows, others are raising their glasses.

Gïk Blue co-creator Aritz López, says “Gïk was born for fun, to shake things up and see what happens. We wanted to innovate and start a little revolution… and the wine industry looked like the perfect place to start.”

Gïk blends different varieties of red and white grapes with two organic pigments to turn it blue: anthocyanin, from the red grape skin, and indigotine, an organic compound commonly used as a reddish-blue food dye.

The flavor is then enhanced with non-caloric sweeteners to create a product that is cross between a wine, a wine cooler and a cocktail mixer.

The blue wine is already being sold in restaurants around Spain, including Sushi Artist Madrid. “At first people didn’t believe we were selling a blue wine, but when they tried it, they loved it – and they keep coming back for it,” says Enrique Isasi, one of the country’s first restaurants to offer the product.

While some have called Gïk blasphemous and a terrible invention, others liken it to an “anti-wine” spin-off similar to what Seville-based Puerto de Indias did with its strawberry gin, adding macerated berries to a new gin resulting in a liqueur-gin hybrid, a similar concept to Gïk Blue.

López admits that “In Spain, wine is very linked to culture. It hasn’t changed for centuries. This is a country that prefers tradition instead of innovation. But Gïk is trying to change that. We are for normal people that don’t need to know thousands of rules in order to enjoy a glass.”

Gïk Blue is currently being sold in 25 countries with hopes of entering the US market next year.


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