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Soriana advertises Samsung smart televisions for 11 peso during Buen Fin

Chihuahua, Mexico — The Buen Fin weekend began on a high note for some in Chihuahua who found advertised smart television sets for less than 20 peso.

Due to an error of punctuation, the Technological branch of the Soriana Híper chain in Chihuahua accidentally offered 58″ plasma smart television screens and other electronic items for less than 20 peso.

In their November 17 Buen Fin in-store displays, employees displayed offers with decimal points instead of commas, reducing the price of a Samsung Smart TV from 10,999 peso to 10.990 peso.

Seeing a Buen Fin deal nearly too good to be true, several shoppers took to their What’s App to extend the unheard of offer to their friends and family. Local reports say that within an hour, nearly 300 people showed up to get in on the deals, however, security refused to allow them entry into the store.

One man inside the store had carts filled with 32 televisions he wanted to buy for the displayed price of 10.990 peso. Soriana was refusing to honor the displayed price.

A brief statement was made by Soriana in collaboration with Profeco saying the situation would be resolved as soon as possible.

“We are an organization that respects the laws and we will be working with the authority, informing our clients in a timely manner about the situation. Soriana, as a Mexican company, reiterates its commitment to society and the economic development of the country,” they added in their public statement.

Delegate of Profeco, Yubia Ivette Velázquez Chávez, said that the error in the prices could generate a fine of up to 4 million peso, a sanction that will be determined if the prices are respected.

Profeco had suggested as a way of mediation, was for effected customers to gather evidence with photographs of the displayed prices and file an official complaint with Profeco.