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Some Cancun public transport drivers charging a US dollar

Cancun, Q.R. — “One dollar” is a common answer given by some of the public transportation operators in the Cancun Hotel Zone when visitors ask how much to ride the bus.

Several hotels have received complaints from their guests saying public transport operators tell them the fee to ride the bus at the hotel zone is a dollar, but the operators do not give change. At the exchange rate of around 18.80 peso, that means each person overpays by at least 7 peso, which is enough to ride again in some central parts of the city. It is also extra money that goes into the private pocket of the operator.

The current authorized rate for public transportation around Cancun urban areas is 10.50 peso. According to the General Directorate of Roads and Transport of Benito Juarez, 210 units travel daily to the hotel zone between the three concessionaires Autocar, Turicun and Maya Caribe.

The department says that all public transport vehicles must display in plain view their official photo identification via an operator identification card as well as the fee to ride. Operators who fail to display their identification card and price are subject to one verbal warning. A second offense leads to a fine of around 7,000 peso.

Elizabeth Morales, a receptionist at one of the hotels in the city, said that before leaving the hotel, some tourists ask employees for the rate of public transport. Instead of risking being overcharged, some decide to get exact change in Mexican peso to pay their fare.

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