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Solidarity officials create new commissions to better serve the region

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Solidarity officials update their Municipal Development Plan (PMD) with new departments including an ecology commission.

During a recent meeting, Municipal Solidarity President, Cristina Torres Gómez said, “This paradise belongs to everyone and it is up to us to take care of it.” Her words were part of the recent PMD update where city council created new commissions to better serve the region.

One of the new commissions created included the Installation of the Ecology Commission that involves representatives of the three orders of government, civil associations and citizens interested in environmental issues.

The new commission falls under the Sustainable Urban Development axis and will function as a permanent consultative body for institutional coordination and social coordination giving the body the power to promote priority themes, programs and actions in favor of ecology.

Based on the Regulation of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Solidaridad, the newly established commission will promote the creation of committees and subcommittees for the improvement and use of natural resources, reforestation and / or restoration of municipal territory, as well as instruct the Directorate General of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Environment to comply with the actions, programs and agreements that are taken in order to have a sustainable development.

“We are right at the moment of deciding what kind of municipality we want and that any past, good or bad, should serve us today as an experience of what should be repeated and what should not be done again,” she pointed out.

The head of Solidaridad also emphasized that, “This Administration has always sought citizen participation of groups, associations and individuals who have the desire to contribute their ideas to work for the benefit of the environment.”

Secretary of Environment (SEMA) of Quintana Roo, Alfredo Arellano Guillermo, stressed that Solidaridad is innovating in the sense of the wide call and interest that citizens and members of organized civil society have.

“Solidarity is taking the lead as an example of what has to be done in the state. It is a municipality that has the highest rate of growth in the state so the challenges are many, but the course current administrations is taking is appropriate,” he stressed.

On the environmental agenda, Arellano Guillermo says that they are working on local recycling programs including Kilo Verde and I Recycle in My School. He says officials are also working on the protection and control of wildlife as well as the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles and the ongoing battle with the lion fish.




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