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Solidaridad receives two proposals from new public transport companies

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city of Playa del Carmen has received two proposals from new companies interested in offering public transportation.

Toward the end of this year and into early 2018, city officials say they will have a need for a new public transportation company. So far, two companies have expressed interest in operating Playa del Carmen public routes.

César Navarro Medina, president of the Transport Commission, said that this opening would be “very positive” for the city, which has grown and needs not only a company, but additional routes. Navarro Medina says that one of the companies is not ADO, as previously mentioned, but are companies from outside the state.

He says that one of the proposals came from Monterrey and the other, from Mexico City. He adds that both companies made the proposals using LPG gas vehicles, an option that would prove more environmentally friendly for the region. He also says the new units are equipped with chemical bathrooms, something current drivers lack, and would provide a solution to a common problem they face now.

In regards to the current public transportation option, Navarro Medina says they receive many public complaints mainly about the lack of courtesy of the operators and the lack of cleanliness of the units.

He also says that at least 10 percent of the vehicles in operation need maintenance in areas such as the seats, bodywork and lights among others.

“The truth is there are enough problems that must be solved,” he said adding, “We see that there are buses that should not be used but they still do it.”