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Solidaridad mayor Laura Beristain Navarrete announces infrastructure projects

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The mayor of Solidaridad, Laura Beristain Navarrete, has presented infrastructure projects for the next year.

The presentation was made before the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico City where she announced the infrastructure projects intended in the Budget of Expenditures for the first year of her government.

Beristain Navarrete said that she intends to strengthen the economy by improving the urban image, connectivity, services and tourism along with social development.

One of her intended projects includes the construction of an Interactive Multicultural Museum of Xaman Ha (MI MUXH), which will be a global emblem to enhance the tourism development of the municipality with an estimated first-stage cost of 20 million peso.

Another project is the construction of a Youth City in where culture, sports, educational spaces, work stations and offices will be available for youth to strengthen the integral development of this sector of the population. The Youth City will also have a first-stage cost of 20 million peso.

She says that on school grounds, 60 domes will be built. “We will protect our children from the elements. It is a social demand to provide them with a protected space in the realization of their civic and physical activities in schools,” adding that two million peso per dome is required.

Affordable housing for vulnerable families in the municipality of Solidaridad is also on her list. “It is our commitment to support the construction of 200 homes in 2019, and is one of the priorities of the Municipal Government”, which will require 30 million peso.

The mayor also says that expanding the current DIF (The National System for Integral Family Development) facilities from a municipal assistance center to one that strengthens inclusion of people with physical disabilities is necessary, since more than 10 percent of the population suffer from some level of physical disability.

She explained that the space must be expanded and modernize its equipment to provide a better service to this sector of society, a service improvement that will require 10 million peso in the first stage.

Maintenance of roadways is also on the list with the creation of new roads and maintenance of others that Beristain Navarrete says will required 148 million peso.