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Solidaridad dengue fever cases down

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The amount of dengue fever cases have dropped by nearly 50 percent in Playa del Carmen, according to statistical reports from the General Hospital.

José Bolio Rosado, director of the hospital, says the recent report cites a total of 24 confirmed cases of dengue fever during the first half of this year, down from 88 confirmed cases during the first half of 2014.

“It’s much less for the same time periods as last year. We’ve been successful in finding ways that prevent the proliferation of the mosquitoes by spraying, etc., yet, it is up to citizens to make sure their yards are clean to eliminate potential breeding sites for the mosquitoes,” Rosado said.

He explains further that the municipality of Solidaridad has not had any confirmed cases of chikungunya, although there have been some borderline cases reported to the State Health Department in Chetumal.

Rosado says that “there have not been any confirmations, but the State Laboratory of Public Health believes there were some cases in the area of Chetumal, but Solidarity has not had any of those problems.”

He reiterates the importance of ensuring there is no trash or objects left around that can collect water where Aedes aegypti, the particular breed of mosquito that carries chikungunya, can lay eggs and reproduce.

“We must also stress the importance of avoiding self-medication. In a febrile clinical picture we deal with many symptoms so we recommend going to a health unit to get a proper diagnosis,” he says. Going to a health unit also allows doctors to properly register the ailment for statistical and study purposes.


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