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Solid waste from state’s islands generating record numbers

Cancun, Q.R. – The islands in the state of Quintana Roo are recording a record amount of solid waste being dumped into local landfills.

The increase among the four lslands in the state is being blamed on the rapid population increase. Officials say that among them, solid landfill waste is up 4,000 tons per month, an increase of 20 percent.

Reports from the Association Yaax Beh say that the increase is due to the population increase and the arrival of tourists from other countries.

According to Emma Rosa Alonzo Marrufo, director of the association, the report shows that in 2008, the island of Holbox generated about two tons of garbage per month, however now, they are producing more than 60 tons.

Isla Cozumel has also had a substantial increase in monthly waste, growing from 500 tons per month two years ago, to 700 tons per month in 2015. She says that most of the waste from the island comes from hotels and restaurants as well as the cruise ships.

Isla Mujeres records 500 tons per month of solid waste, however, unlike the other islands, they have a project that sees part of their garbage sorted for recycling. Their project is the same project as included with Benito Juarez, which is overseen by the company TRS Pimsa Waste Management. Their solid waste is sent for sorting to be used as compost or reused as material to generate plastic objects.

The Delphinus group dedicated campaigns for beach clean-ups on Contoy Island, even though the island is without tourist developments. Regardless, each clean up results in about one tone of garbage being picked up from their beaches.

During holiday seasons, solid waste numbers on the islands increase by about 30 percent due to the additional people.

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