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Social outrage as grandmother drags dog home outside car

Puebla, Puebla — A woman made headlines across Mexico Monday when she was videoed dragging a dog by a leash tied to the outside of her car.

The incident was recorded Monday afternoon by a motorist who saw a silver Toyota Avanza driving with a Golden Retriever tied to the passenger mirror of the vehicle in the area of the Ecological Park in the city of Puebla.

The video was quick to circulate around Mexican news agencies as well as social media and animal protection authorities. A motorist videoed the woman and her passenger dragging the dog by a leash. When the vehicle slowed for a stop light, the motorist requested they untie the dog.

In the video you can hear the motorist say, “The dog is hurting, the dog can not walk anymore, the dog can not walk anymore, put the dog in!”

The person in the passenger seat did finally open the door and allowed the dog entry into the car.

Iván Galindo Castillejos of the city of Puebla said the animal was in good health. He said the dog was in the charge of a senior citizen who went to the park to pick up her grandson and the dog in the rain.

The grandmother said he did not want the dog to dirty the inside of her car, so she tied it to the outside of the car for the “short trip of two streets” drive home.