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Six-meter sinkhole appears in middle of Chetumal street

Chetumal, Q.R. — A large sinkhole nearly six meters in diameter appeared in a busy Chetumal street Tuesday afternoon.

The sinkhole, which is approximately 1.5 meters deep, emerged on a street in Colonia Barrio Bravo de Chetumal between Ignacio Zaragoza and Naval Military College in front of the Presidente Obregón School.

According to State Coordination of Civil Protection, the Secretariat of Education of Quintana Roo suspended classes until Monday so they have time to properly deal with the hole.

Sinkholes are common in the area and are not a new issue for residents of the state’s capital city of Chetumal. The area of Barrio Bravo is particularity sensitive to the development of sinkholes, with many area residents migrating to other neighborhoods due to the constant problem.

The problem with the sinkholes is also found in other residential areas of the city including Primera Legislatura and part of the Centro de Chetumal.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation are working on repairing the hole. According to preliminary information, the underground water filtration from the Bay of Chetumal was the cause of the development of the sinkhole.