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Six men arrested for violent Playa del Carmen robbery

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Six people were arrested Friday in Playa del Carmen after an violent robbery.

Police says that six people were detained after they robbed an architect business that involved gun shots and physical violence against those inside, including a minor male.

The alleged assailants were chased on foot and eventually arrested after making off with more than 400,000 peso in cash.

Reports say the six robbed the architect business around 3:30 p.m. Friday in Colonia Ejidal between 95th and 100th Street. One of the attackers knocked on the door, hitting the face of the person who answered to gain entry into the office.

The other five followed and once inside, physically assaulted members of the company, including a 13-year-old boy who was the son of one of the employees. The boy managed to escape through a window and provide a description of the men and the vehicle in which they arrived.

Once the men realized police had arrived, the six took off on foot. The area was cordoned off to prevent their escape. While five were caught, one refused to comply and continued trying to flee by jumping rooftops to get away. He was shot twice by police and taken to hospital with leg injuries.

Arrested were Alfredo HG, Yurisan HF, Daniel JH, Luis CP, Eddie SR and Román CM, the latter identified as the brother of a criminal and ex-member of the then-called Judicial Police, Alejandro CM, who is currently imprisoned for theft.

While one was taken to hospital, the other five were transferred to the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security where they will be made available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Police also located the vehicle, which was parked at the end of 65th Street. It too, was secured by police and transferred to the courtyards of the State Attorney General’s Office.