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Sinkhole at Playa del Carmen beach closes

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A large sinkhole that appeared one morning in July along a Playa del Carmen beach has disappeared.

The large 3-meter by 3-meter hole was a natural sinkhole that the city said occurred due to the natural erosion of waves. The hole, which lasted about two weeks, was tested for a variety of faults, but was determined to be natural.

Now, the same sinkhole has closed itself, the only evidence left behind being the yellow caution tape marking the area.

Orquídea Trejo Buendía, director of Ecology of Solidaridad City Council, said that they are natural systems which open and close themselves. From the start, they realized it was not necessary to bring in machinery to close the hole.

The hole was discovered July 25th on the beach between 10th and 12th streets. On Friday, the city says the hole closed itself, naturally filling with sand from wave-action.

One of the largest area sinkholes to hit the area was along the Playa del Carmen-Cancun federal highway in August of 2015 when a massive hole caused the collapse of a section of federal roadway.