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Several school teachers dismissed for misconduct

Cancun, Q.R. – Last year in the state of Quintana Roo, 11 teachers were removed from their positions for being found guilty of misconduct against their students.

Emilio Jimenez Ancona, deputy chairman of the Committee on Education, Science and Technology, said that teachers who face accusations such as misconduct must undergo a complete investigation before they are presumed innocent or guilty. When a teacher is accused of mistreating or sexually harassing a student, the issue is taken up with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Nation Union of Education Workers as well as the Commission of Human Rights.

He explained that “Both teachers and parents meet to discuss the issue. In some cases the result is a negative experience leads to a thorough investigation before it can be settled.”

Sexual harassment against students by teachers is not a new issue in the state, according to complaints expressed by the parents of many girls. The Commission on Human Rights of Quintana Roo issued a precautionary measure that sees the removal of a teacher from their position when a complaint is made and an investigation is launched.

The agency is currently dealing with four cases, two of which involve preschool aged children and two in secondary school. Each of the cases involve claims of harassment made by teachers.

Penalties for those found guilty can result in a prison sentence of between six months and one year and / or a large fine. The teacher is also permanently relieved of their teaching position.

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