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Senate grants approval to investigate, revoke Aguakan concession

Mexico City, Mexico — The senate in Mexico City has approved the request from the government of Quintana Roo to investigate and revoke the concession granted to Aguakan.

During the ordinary session of the Senate a point of agreement was approved for the state government, headed by Carlos Joaquín González, along with municipal administration, to investigate and revoke the granted concession to Aguakan for not fulfilling their obligations with Quintana Roo.

“There have already been investigations that indicate that Aguakan is not doing its job, is robbing people and polluting the water. It is time that Governor Carlos Joaquín, who has a majority in congress, revoke once and for all the concession. He already has the necessary tools to do it,” said Senator Villegas Canché during the hearing.

The governor of the state, through the parliamentary fraction of PAN, joined the proposal of Senator Marybel Villegas Canché, who seeks to revoke the Aguakan concession.

Photo: Senado de México

“I’ll take the floor and I’ll work to get Aguakan to leave Quintana Roo,” Marybel Villegas said, while holding up an image that showed the ecocide generated by Aguakan, while mentioning that the revocation would not cost the state a single peso.

The request for Aguakan concessions to be investigated and revoked was unanimously approved by the Environment Committee and the Senate Plenary. “We are still fighting Aguakan because our task is to defend the Quintana Roo people against robberies and excesses,” Senator Marybel said at the end of her speech to the senate.

The company Aguakan was granted a 30-year concession to provide water to the region under the Borge administration.