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Security x-rays luggage, finds 60 million peso in jewelry

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 60 million peso in jewelry has been confiscated by the federal police after two men try to board a plane.

On Friday, the federal police were called to the Cancun International Airport when a security check found two men carrying 61.8 million peso in jewelry. The jewelry was detected when their luggage was scanned by the airport’s X-ray machine.

Airport security then called upon the federal police to investigate. The two men said the jewels were delivered to them at the Cancun airport and that they were employees of a private security company transferring the jewelry to Mexico City.

Upon further questioning by federal police, the men were unable to prove the legal origin of the mass jewels or the documentation proving legal transfer of jewelry of that value.

The federal police transferred the jewelry and the two men to the Public Ministry for additional questioning.