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Security increased in Puerto Morelos for Mexico election day

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A police presence will be increased over the weekend in Puerto Morelos for the upcoming Mexico elections.

The Secretariat of Public Safety and Transit of Puerto Morelos has reinforced security in the municipality to ensure public peace prior to, and during, voting day.

The announcement was made by the head of public safety, Gumercindo Jiménez Cuervo, who reported that they have been receiving calls from concerned citizens about seeing suspicious people from outside Puerto Morelos.

“We have doubled patrols in the municipality and in the delegation of Leona Vicario at the request of the population since these people, who are not from Puerto Morelos, persecute the electoral process and arrive to inject fear,” he said.

The municipal official said that no person will be allowed to disturb the peace on that day. He announced that they will maintain close coordination with the state and federation for monitoring during the process.

Gumercindo Jiménez explained that 100 percent of the corporation, both in the administrative and operational areas, will be in office on July 1 to respond to any call for help and to double surveillance.

“The objective is that we have a peaceful day without incidents,” he said adding that citizens can go out and vote without any concern, noting that the Secretariat of Public Safety and Transit is ready to react to any threat.

“We have operation ready to deploy this Sunday, to monitor public order and ensure the integrity of citizens who go to the polls to exercise their vote, both in the municipal seat and in the communities of Delirios, Central Vallarta and Leona Vicario,” he explained.