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Second man this month caught stealing turtle eggs

Tulum, Q.R. – For the second time this month, authorities have apprehended a man for stealing sea turtle eggs from a protected beach area in Tulum.

Unlike the man earlier this month who was caught with a backpack containing 55 turtle eggs, this suspect was caught red handed. According to authorities, the man was caught while digging the eggs out of the sand in a municipality of Tulum.

Officers said the man was taken by surprise when he was confronted. In all, they found he had already removed 36 turtle eggs into a plastic bag from Tankah in the municipality of Tulum.

Sea turtle eggs are protected and, according to the Attorney General’s Office, the man committed a crime against nature by collecting the eggs in a protected area of Quintana Roo.

The man was arrested and is expected to face charges. The eggs were handed over to the National Park of Tulum where they were eventually returned to their nest.

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