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Second live presidential debate to air today

On Sunday, May 20, the National Electoral Institute says presidential candidates will participate in their second live 96-minute debate being held in Tijuana, Baja California.

National Electoral Institute electoral counselor, Benito Nacif, reports that everything is ready for the second presidential debate which will include Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Ricardo Anaya, José Antonio Meade and Jamie Rodríguez Calderón.

He explained that one of the constitutional missions of the National Electoral Institute (INE) is to promote a democratic culture that includes citizens in public affairs adding that debates are fundamental to promote participation.

At a press conference, he explained that this type of event attracts not only the attention of traditional media, but also of the Internet, including social networks. According to studies by the institute, “it is clearly shown how, when debates take place, the time allocated to cover campaigns increases substantially,” he said.

“There are some huge peaks of attention in the time spent talking about the candidates, their proposals, who they are, what their trajectory is, increases substantially” on radio, television and Internet, commented Nacif Hernandez.

He says that for this next debate, filtered public will be able to ask questions, noting that they are following other methods of debates with the Participatory Assembly. Nacif Hernandez says that when the public arrives, production staff and moderators will start working with them.

“It is the joint work between both parties, in which the INE has nothing to do with the selection of questions.”

Nacif Hernandez added that there are more than 250 registered media, both national and international and 862 reporters and new agency representatives for the second debate.