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Second inspection of Hotel Catalonia discovers illegal logging

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. – Hotel Catalonia is making news again this week after a second inspection carried out at the hotel discovered illegal logging.

According to inspectors, nearly 600 square meters of land was found stripped of its vegetation on an area that was located at the back of the hotel, but not part of the hotel grounds.

The stripped land was discovered after officials continued to monitor the hotel from complaints they received on Monday. In response to the direct violation of illegal logging, officials closed the property.

Head of the Office of Environmental Planning and Urban Development, Eduardo Ocejo Moretin explained, “These actions were made as part of the monitoring due the complaints we received last Monday where we were told that the clearing was done in an area of ​​the hotel Catalonia. When we first went to do the inspection at the hotel we did not detect anything, only cleanup of the kelp that was being placed on a road between Catalonia and Dreams, but it was not subject to punishment,” he said.

After a second inspection, Ocejo Morentin confirmed that they found an area where logging had taken place without a permit. Although the species in this particular area are not protected, ten large closed signs now encase the forested area until officials carry out additional inspections of the premises.

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