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Seaweed as slip-proof flooring around pools

Cancun, Q.R. — A new idea to deal with the state’s excessive Sargasso has been submitted to local government authorities.

John Paul Loeza Mendoza of Grupo Biomaya, a local innovative company, thinks they have found a way to turn unwanted seaweed into building material.

Once the seaweed has gone through a special chemical process, he says it can be used as a decorative material for the inside or outside of houses including as a slip-proof surface around swimming pools. He says that once the kelp has gone through the chemical process, the result is a finishing material similar to brick or wood, providing a decorative option for the home.

“There were no projects for processing, but then I did a test with a mixture of kelp and various resins and the result was the formation of a smooth, hard, colorful texture that can be used on floors for houses, courtyards and pools to avoid falls,” he said.

The idea has been patented and submitted to the Ministry of Environment the State Secretariat for Economic Development (SEDE) and the State Council for Science and Technology for support in the further development of the project.

Loeza Mendoza said that the project requires an immediate injection of one million peso to begin the production process. He’s hoping for support from authorities from the National Institute of Entrepreneurship to market the idea both locally and internationally.

Another local program from students at the Technological Institute of Felipe Carrillo Puerto was created to turn the excess Sargasso into fertilizer for local village farms. Biomaya is the second project to apply for aid in developing a new use for the unwanted seaweed.

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