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Seaside town of Tulum promoted to Japanese tourist operators

Tulum, Q.R. — The town of Tulum is being promoted in the Japanese tourism market that the state tourism council says will help the country learn about the area.

Manuel Rodríguez Lavadores, the general director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Tulum, has just returned from a promotional visit to Japan. He says they anticipate positive results from the Japanese market, explaining that Japanese tourism promoters are expected to come to Tulum to learn about the area and familiarize themselves with local attractions.

He says that while they are here, they will also learn about the downtown hotels, the cenotes and the overall culture.

“The Japanese market does not know much about Tulum, and therefore, it is important to promote the attractions of the destination for all activities, not only to talk about the beach, sun and sand, but also about the cultural wealth and other attractions such as the cenotes,” he added.

The Japanese tour operators are expected to arrive in January, when they will familiarize themselves with the attractions of Tulum including the gastronomy and archaeological sites. Rodríguez Lavadores says it was his second visit to the country to promote this part of Quintana Roo.

“The Japanese are people with extraordinary discipline,” he says adding, “They do not make decisions without analyzing things carefully. That is why we do not expect an immediate increase in the arrival of Japanese tourism to the destination.

“Next year promotional trips will continue and maybe in two years you will start to see the increase of these travelers,” he explained.

The next event is to promote Tulum during the London fair, where they will promote not only the beach, but also the center. “It’s about not only bringing tourism to the coastal area, but everything that makes up the destination and one of them is the small hotels in the center of the city.”