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Seahawks Russell Wilson about to become highest paid quarterback

Last updated on February 22, 2020

While an annual salary of $800,000 US a year may sound like a lot of money, it’s not if you’re a Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

Just ask Russell Wilson, who as it stands now, is the NFL’s most underpaid player.

Wilson’s meager $800,000 annual salary is about 1/20th of what Jay Cutler rakes in each year, but things are looking up for Wilson.

Being three years into his four-year rookie contract means that during the next off-season, Wilson is eligible to negotiate an extension.

NFL speculators are whispering a new contract worth about $100 million, but others are whispering a larger sum is likely in the works. NFL’s Network, Ian Rapoport, says that sources close to team are estimating that Wilson is about to be made the highest-paid quarterback I the NFL.

“They are setting the stage to have an extension done before next season and pay Russell Wilson more than the $20 million per year that the elite quarterbacks get,” Rapoport said on NFL Network.

On average, highly paid NFL quarterbacks take in about $60 million in guaranteed money, about $20 million of that being their annual salary. The NFL’s Cutler, who was the highest paid in 2014, signed a 7-year $126 million extension with $54 million guaranteed. Aaron Rodgers remains the highest paid quarterback with a $22 million annual salary.


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