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Sea turtle season officially begins in Quintana Roo

Tulum, Q.R – May first officially began turtle season for the state of Quintana Roo even though two nesting females already made their way to local beaches.

The season of nest protection in areas such as Xcacel sanctuary and Xcelito, as well as those of the tourist area of ​​Tulum, kicked off the start of the season.

In a public speech, undersecretary of Environmental Policy of the Ministry of the Environment, Graciela Saldaña Fraire, addressed the importance of the efforts being made in the northern municipalities for the conservation of sea turtles, a species in danger of extinction.

In more active areas around Tulum, the Ecology Department headed by Francisco Chan Chable, activated brigades of volunteers and specialized personnel for the care and preservation of the various species of sea turtles that will arrive to lay eggs.

He explained that May 9 marks the start of the busy season in Tulum where six sea turtle camps will be heavily monitored and eggs transferred to a shelter. Hotels also participate in the protection of the eggs, informing guests not to disturb or approach any turtles they may see.

Chan Chable noted that last year they released 33,917 baby sea turtles from which they estimate only 1,000 will reach adulthood. He says that aside from natural predators, climate change and pollution also place the sea turtles in danger of extinction.


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