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Sea turtle season begins for Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — Turtle nesting season has begun for Tulum with the discovery of a few nests, however, officials are concerned about the plastic that is washing up with the seaweed.

The director of municipal ecology, Francisco Chan Chablé, explained that while their is sargasso along the Tulum beach areas, it is not a problem for turtles. The worry lies in the plastic material that arrives with the seagrass, he says, adding that the plastic stays on the beach and is material that traps the turtles.

He explained that another issue for the turtles are the nocturnal animals that roam the beaches at night attracted by hotel food waste. Chan Chablé says that hotels have been asked to keep their organic waste covered to help prevent the animal attraction and reduce the risk to the sea turtles.

Members of the sea turtle committee say this year, they are reinforcing efforts in an attempt to combat sea turtle egg looting, something that is a common problem.

Lucelly Ramos Montejo, president of the State Committee of Sea Turtles, says that for this sea turtle nesting season, municipal committees will be installed in the south of the state to coordinate surveillance and protection in the nesting areas that registered looting last year.

Chan Chablé notes that they are anticipating an even more successful egg-laying season this year over last year. Last year in the state, nearly 100,000 sea turtle nests were counted.