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Sea turtle nests looted during night

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. – Sea turtle nests were looted over the weekend with at least 12 of them having eggs stolen.

At least 12 sea turtle nests were vandalized during the night hours in Punta Brava. A complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) since stealing sea turtle eggs is a federal crime, explained director of the Puerto Morelos Arrecife Park, María del Carmen García Rivas.

“There is looting, but there is also surveillance,” she said. “We ask the population not to go to Punta Brava, especially at night, because they light up the area and drive the turtles away.” She also added that those who do go need to be respectful of the nests by not allowing their dogs near them since dogs can dig and damage the eggs.

“We are working on this. We remember that it is a crime that is why we work with the PGR and the Municipal Police to arrest him or those responsible,” she added.

A complete review of the spawning area was done by the Municipal Public Safety and Ecology.