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Sea nets catching sargasso, clearing the way for tourists

Cancun, Q.R. – An innovative concept to prevent seaweed from reaching local Cancun and Riviera Maya beaches is producing some positive results.

A beach area in Tulum was used as a test site where nets were placed into the sea in an attempt to catch the Sargasso before it hit land.

So far, the nets are preventing approximately 80 percent of the kelp from reaching hotel beaches. Although not a perfect system, it has the support of those hired to clean the Sargasso from the beaches.

The nets are placed about 10 meters out to sea and vertically submerged where they catch the Sargasso. The algae is then diverted into a channel where it reaches the shore and is manually removed by cleaning staff hired specifically for this purpose.

Not all beach properties have this netting system. The test site was chosen in an area where there are no nesting turtles. Local divers continue to make checks on the nets, reviewing and discarding fish and other specimens caught in the netting.

While not entirely effective, it has helped to keep the beaches clear of seaweed for tourists.

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