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SCT continues to ignore Solidarity requests for area usage

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has been given a proposal by Solidarity for specified usages of designated areas under the overpass.

The city of Solidarity has proposed that the areas be used for much needed city enhancements such as green space, bike paths, recreation areas and parking places.

Three requests have been made so far by the city with no response from SCT.

The presentation sent to SCT included a variety of sport uses, garden areas with planters, bike paths, walkways and recreation areas as well as additional city parking where possible. However, the SCT has yet to respond to any of the city’s proposals for the rights to use the areas to the benefit of Solidarenese.

“That is determined by the SCT, the feasibility and the use that can be given to these areas,” said Playa del Carmen mayor.

Even though many parts of the area under the overpass remain closed or barricaded, people have begun to use the open spaces for additional parking beside Juarez Avenue, Constituent and Colosio Avenue.

Currently, the overpass is under maintenance with lane repaving, joint replacement and other repairs, however, this project has been suspended due to unfavorable weather.

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