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Scorching heat continues to bake Cancun, Riviera Maya

After a colder than average winter, Cancun and Riviera Maya continue to experience scorching temperatures.

While the springtime months of April and May tend to be dry along the Riviera Maya, the area is on the verge of a drought.

High temperatures have persisted since March as a heat wave continues to bear down on the entire region with no rain in the forecast.

Reports from the National Water Commission say that the region is recording maximum temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius (95 F to 105 F). On average, normal daytime temperatures for this time of year hover around 26 C (79 F), however, due to the establishment of a high pressure system or anticyclone, the heat continues.

The National Water Commission explains that the anticyclone covering the area continues to “block” the arrival of cold fronts, which is keeping the warm air flow.

Chief of the UADY meteorological center, Juan Vazquez Montalvo, explains the region “is crossing a critical phase of drought.”

He says that the extremely hot and dry weather will likely continue for a few weeks due to meterological conditions.

Vazquez Montalvo warns, “During these days, solar radiation and extremely hot temperatures will be registered, we are talking about temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius (100 – 105 ºF).

“The population will perceive a thermal sensation between the 44- 45 degrees Celsius (110 – 113 ºF), the maximum so far has been 40 degrees, but higher temperatures are expected,” he said.

“We are expecting this situation to remain for the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the moisture in the early morning is predicted to reach 90 to 100 percent as a result of the prevailing dry weather.”

Area residents are being reminded to use protection to avoid skin disease and damage by wearing light clothing, hats, sunblock and utilizing umbrellas. People are also being reminded to stay consistently hydrated.


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