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Sanctions considered after Cancun taxi driver threatens Uber

Cancun, Q.R. — Sanctions are being considered after a taxi driver threatened violence against Uber. The incident took place during a taxi union meeting in which one of the members made a speech threatening to kill Uber drivers, extending the threat to include their family members.

The heated speech was recorded and quickly spread throughout social media platforms before landing on the desk of Sintra. The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), Jorge Portilla Mánica, said that possible sanctions against the driver are being considered.

The official stressed that the agency already has the video in its possession and is requesting the information of the taxi driver who has been identified as from Cancun. He added that it is a serious issue and Sintra will not allow any licensed plate partner who provides service in the state, to threaten any citizen or company.

The Directorate of Communications and Transport has already asked for the information of the taxi driver who made the threats so he can be cited and possibly have his license revoked since the new Mobility Law, which is in the works, clearly states that carriers who act irregularly or with criminal acts will have their concession withdrawn when evidence is available.

Jorge Portilla Mánica stressed that any carrier can defend their interests through legal means, but not through repression or threats adding that the Mobility Law seeks to provide citizens with alternative transportation, adding competition is good as long as it is within the framework of legality.

In a December 6 union meeting in Cancun, controversy generated in social networks after a video recording of a Cancun driver verbally attacking Uber and in a fit of anger, proposes to kill drivers.

In his speech, the unidentified Cancun taxi driver suggests everyone fight together. “In the Mobility Law we do not see a single article in which we see a coincidence that is in our favor. If we fight together and remain united, we will prevail,” he said.

“I take the opportunity to tell Uber to f*** their mother. This is a fight of death. We are getting off guard. Thsee mothers are breaking our concession”.

“From the beginning I told the Lord here, you have to kill the sons of bitches. It’s serious, you have to kill them. With 10 dead sons and daughters let’s see if they continue, ” he said adding, “We have money to pay for it. How much is the life of those sons of bitches worth?”

After the tirade, taxi union leader Erick Castillo Alonzo broadcast his own video in which he apologizes for the actions during the taxi driver meeting. He said mistakes were made as the microphone was given to a partner who proposed killing Uber operators.

At that, the taxi driver leader apologized.

“I want to start by giving a public apology to all since the actions were not appropriate. Among the apologies was having given the microphone to a person who is a dealer partner. It was a mistake,” he explained.

“I did not know the speech he was going to give. We do not endorse the speech of violence by the concessionary partner”.

To date, there have been 12 videos that have circulated where state taxi drivers have assaulted Uber drivers. None of those drivers were ever sanctioned.