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Salzburg Foundation Launches Impressive Open-Air Art Exhibit

Three new groups of sculptures by British artist Tony Cragg are on display in Salzburg as the Salzburg Foundation launches its five-year Krauthügel Art Project. The open-air exhibit, which can be seen until September 29, is on a large meadowed area, the Krauthügel, at the foot of the Salzburg Castle.

For the event, Cragg, who currently resides in Germany, created three large-scale bronze sculptures:Runner (weighing 2.5 tonnes),Mixed Feelings (weighing four tonnes) and the dramatic Points of View sculpture which consists of three separate pieces, each measuring approximately seven meters tall and weighing three tonnes. Points of View is named appropriately as it creates an extremely powerful visual effect when seen against the Hohensalzburg castle and the distant mountains south of Salzburg.

Karl Gollegger, the president of the Salzburg Foundation, said that the creation of the sculptures cost about €100,000 and that Cragg took almost no salary. He adds, “The work remains the property of the artist. We have invested our sponsorship money into the material – and also helped fund the transportation of the sculptures to Salzburg.” The Abbey of St. Peter that owns the Krauthügel, signed a five-year rental contract with the Foundation for the piece.

“We can’t say yet which artists will be exhibited in the next five years, but I want all five continents to be represented. With Cragg we have Europe, so perhaps next year we will have a Chinese artist,” Gollegger said.

Cragg has previous showings in Salzburg with his bronze sculpture, caldera, which sits in front of the State Theatre in Marketplatz.

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