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Runaway water truck hits 18 vehicles, kills four

Mexico City, Mexico — A water truck that lost its breaks on a busy city street crashed into a home, but not before careening off vehicles and killing four.

The accident occurred on Constituyentes and Gelati in Mexico City when a water truck carrying 40,000 liters of water lost its brakes. The momentum from the vehicle resulted in it hitting 18 vehicles, one of which was a white Honda Civic with three passengers, all of whom were killed.

The water truck ended up impacting the wall of a home embedding the entire cabin inside the house. Fortunately, no one was inside the home at the time.

The water truck belonged to Pipo Agua, a company in Mexico City that delivers portable water to homes and businesses. Reports say that the truck lost use of its brakes at Circuito Interior at Gelati Street in the city’s region of Miguel Hidalgo.

Through its Road Guidance Center, the secretariat of Public Security sent a helicopter to the area to assist with the injured while firefighters and police tended to traffic and the damaged vehicles.

The roadway was shut down for several hours while emergency crews removed the dead and injured. A total of 18 vehicles and three homes were among the damaged in the wreck. Twenty people were also wounded in the accident including the driver and co-pilot of the water truck.