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Roadside bandits fire at passenger bus bound for Cancun

Chiapas, Mexico — A passenger bus headed from Chiapas to Cancun was the target Tuesday after roadside bandits fire, injuring two people.

The driver of a bus and a female passenger from Tapachula were injured by gun fire after a group of alleged assailants intercepted the unit on the Las Choapas-Raudales-Ocozocoautla highway.

According to Diario de Xalapa, a bus belonging to Ómnibus Cristóbal Colón with 43 passengers on board, left Tapachula stopping at Tuxtla Gutiérrez several hours later before moving on to Villahermosa using the Las Choapas-Raudales-Ocozocoautla highway.

When the bus reached Malpasito, the driver was stopped by a group of hooded men who requested money from the driver. He paid the armed men without opposition while most of his passengers slept.

However, nine kilometers later, a red pickup truck was seen blocking the highway. The bus driver accelerated to push his way through the roadblock. The sudden acceleration woke his passengers who, upon seeing the roadblock, scurried to the floor of the bus.

The bus driver continued forward, pushing past the red pickup when he was fired upon several times by the armed man in the bed of the truck. The bus driver and one female passenger were hit. The driver of the bus continued on despite having recieved a gun shot.

Emergency 911 sent police who met them several kilometers later. Paramedics also arrived to tend to the two wounded. The bus driver was identified as Fermín N and the injured passenger as María del Carmen N.

There were no other report of injuries. The bus eventually arrived safely in Cancun.