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Road construction at Tulum archaeological site stalled yet again

Tulum, Q.R. – After nearly nine months of being stalled, the remodeling of the entrance to the Tulum ruins were once again, underway last month.

But a complaint from a local hotel owner has stopped construction yet again.

The owner of Hotel Acuario filed a complaint with the municipal controller in regard to the sidewalk that was installed on the north side of the street in front of his property.

Director of Public Works, Victor Chi Tzuc, confirmed the complaint had been made. The hotel owner has previously requested that the driveway to his property be left, however, a sidewalk was installed.

This additional stall is causing much discomfort for local business owners who have been dealing with the on-again, off-again project for nearly a year.

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Chi Tzuc explained that last year, the owner of the hotel managed to stop production on the project claiming his private property had been invaded, although property boundaries had been established. This is the hotel owner’s second time preventing the project from carrying on with a recent complaint to the municipal controller, this time, about a sidewalk.

The municipality has made it clear that the boundaries of each property along the road have been certified and the project would not affect any of them.

The construction site is located within the municipal area, at the beginning of Tulum National Park.

Even though the project has been approved, there is no date for when it will resume.

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