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Ricardo Anaya says PAN-PRD, not PRI responsible for Borge arrest

Mexico City, Mexico — Ricardo Anaya, presidential candidate of the Por México al Frente coalition, says that the judicial process against Roberto Borge, former Governor of Quintana Roo, is due to the political transition within the PAN-PRD coalition.

In a public speech in the capital of Durango, Anaya syas that the states governed by the PRI are managed under a pact of impunity, which was broken when PAN-PRD won elections.

“Do you think that if the PRI continued to govern Quintana Roo this man would have been prosecuted and detained? Governor of the PRI who wins his succession has forgiven absolutely everything. That is called the impunity pact,” he said.

In Coahuila, he exemplified, thanks to the PRI succession, the Moreira brothers are free and one of them was awarded a position within the PRI.

He added that in the case of former Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte, the transition by Miguel Ángel Yunes allowed the recovery of more than one billion peso and the arrest of the former official.

In the fight against corruption, Anaya promised his government will not seek revenge, but justice.

The candidate announced that if he wins the Presidency, he will bet on promoting clean energy, increasing the minimum wage, eradicating extreme poverty and fighting corruption.