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Retired NFL players reach $1 billion settlement for head injuries

Lawyers representing more than 4,500 former NFL players are one step closer to signing a deal with $1 billion.

The deal is meant to compensate National Football League players for head injuries suffered during their careers. The now-retired players claimed the NFL hid the dangers of concussion-related trauma.

Although the deal, which has been granted preliminary approval by Philadelphia district court Judge Anita Brody, had revision requests on Friday to include wider compensation coverage.

The settlement is designed to cover players who develop dementia or neurological problems related to concussions suffered during their professional careers.

In total, the settlement is expected to affect some 20,000 retired NFL players over the next 65 years, however, lawyers are questioning why the settlement does not cover future pay-outs for chronic encephalopathy (CTE) which is seen by some as a synonymous football-related concussion. The condition, which can only be diagnosed after death, can cause rage, depression and other mood disorders.


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