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Residents report real estate company for filling cenote with stones to continue building

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A residential complaint has led to a work stoppage on a real estate development project in Playa del Carmen.

Solidaridad city council suspended a building project in Playa del Carmen after a complaint by residents revealed a real estate company had filled in a large cenote hole with stones in order to build over it.

The centoe, which is in the subdivision Misión de las Flores, was filled with stones by workers from the Ara Real Estate company in order to keep building.

An official complaint was filed with the Department of Environment and Climate Change by residents of the area. The incident has also been reported to the Attorney General Federal Protection of the Environment.

José Ángel Durán Désiga of the Department of Environment and Climate Change explained, “We received a complaint about the alleged environmental damage so we instructed an inspector to go to the scene, finding that there was environmental damage, the filling of a cenote, which we documented and we delivered to Profepa,” he said.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Solidaridad

The project was stopped with officials saying they could see water inside the cenote. A group of inspectors from the Directorate of Infrastructure, Urban Development, Environment and Climate Change returned to the site, placing suspension seals around the project.

The tower would have been part of a recently completed project of other apartment towers, Paseos de Xcacel by the same real estate company.