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Residents of irregular Puerto Aventuras colony demanding services, say they have no where else to go

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — People living in the irregular colony of Los Sauces in Puerto Aventuras are demanding services, saying they are there because they have no where else to go.

More than 50 residents of the irregular settlement of Los Sauces in Puerto Aventuras showed up at city hall to demand security and public services in their area.

“We are already tired of not being able to live in peace which is the only thing we look for. We have no home. We arrived because we have no place else to be, and from that time, we are the possessors,” said one of the residents of the irregular colony.

Municipal president Laura Beristain Navarrete, along with the general secretary of the city council Walter Púc Novelo and deputy Leslie Hendricks, listened to the demonstrators and promised to carry out an inspection as well as form a delegation to review the needs and find a way to help them.

Among the requests made by the residents was the installation of electric lighting and daily police surveillance service, since they claim it’s an area where murders and robberies occur. They also asked for a decent school, because to date, there is no designated building for teaching classes to the more than 100 students who live there.

Leslie Hendricks asked municipal authorities, as well as the inhabitants of Los Sauces, to make an exhaustive assessment of the legal conditions and rights they have over the invaded land, since an act of this nature can not be given legitimacy.